Monday, September 5, 2011

I apologize for letting my blog go "stale", but I have been very busy lately starting my own company, Survival Products Direct!
I have always been interested in being prepared for whatever the future may bring - may that be my husband loosing his job (the sole breadwinner of our family), a natural, biological or man-made disaster (terrorist attack, pandemic, etc.) or other sort of "disaster" such as inflation, crash of the stock market, collapse of the dollar, etc.  I had researched for years on the subject, and had compiled an emergency survival kit a long time ago (that I still add to today!) and have been accumulating long term food storage that consists mainly of long shelf life dehydrated food.  I have also been focusing on getting our garden organized and this summer was the season of trial-and-error!

Since I have such a passion and interest in the subject, I decided that maybe it was my calling to share it and to try to make it as easy as possible for others to be prepared like us.  So, I started my own company called Survival Products Direct selling pre-assembled emergency and survival kits (and also many additions to your kit such as survival tools, first aid, etc.), whole-garden supply of seeds (All the seeds are Non-Hybrid, Non-GMO, open pollinated and not chemically treated), and long-term food storage.

I also have started a new blog,The Survival Products Blog, that would compliment my new business and I hope you will find it helpful too.  I've been very busy this Summer!