Sunday, January 31, 2010

Today is final day for 50 bonus Disney Movie Rewards points!

Today is the final day to enter code "CELEBRATE" for your 50 free Disney Movie Rewards points, if you haven't claimed the code already! I was holding out until today, just in case they had a double-points day, but they didn't! : )

Only $0.29 for 2 bags of groceries - My Albertsons trip 1/31/10

Just got back from Albertsons, and this is what I scored for ONLY $0.29 cents!

5 boxes of Quaker Instant Oatmeal (on sale for buy 5 for $5 - must buy 5) = $5
2 boxes of Orville Redenbacher popcorn 3-packs +
2 2-litre bottles of 7-up
(the two 7-ups & one 3-pack popcorn are free w/purchase of one orville 3-pack @ $3.19 with in-store coupon) = $3.19 - be sure you ask for it if you don't see it by the display!
= $8.19 with in-store coupon

- 5 $1 off 1 Quaker printable from HERE (Firefox), and also, from HERE and then "create your day" and email it to yourself or a friend, and then it will take you to a coupon print page where you can print out 2 more $1/1 coupons! (you can use different browsers and/or different computers to print more) = $5 off
- 3 MFR coupon doubler coupons from today's paper (up to $1 value each, limit 3 doublers per customer) = $3 off for me!

= $0.29 out of pocket (including deposit)

p.s. This is a really good deal because those instant oatmeals are usually over $3 each, and the orville popcorns are normally around $3 each too! Without coupons or sales, my total would have been $31.91!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

2 Yankee Candle Coupons - Emergency Chic!

I always have candles in my stash in case of an emergency - why not have candles you will actually enjoy burning in the meantime?! Especially when the power is out - the delicious smells might just brighten your mood until the lights come back on! Just don't burn through your candle stockpile before the real emergency happens - be sure to always have a couple ready at all times!

There are two printable Yankee Candle coupons right now:
Buy 2, Get 1 FREE - click HERE
$10 off $25 purchase - click HERE

Babies/Toys R Us coupons!

Click HERE for some printable coupons for your weekend shopping trip(s) to Toys R Us and Babies R Us!
There is one interesting coupon for $3 off any laundry detergent, and they picture Seventh Generation in the bunch... so, be sure to go armed with coupons from HERE (requires sign-up) and also look for coupons HERE for other brands you like?!
I also like the $5 off Thermos Foogo toddler/kid feeding items - they are stainless steel and do NOT have the BPA-lining on the inside, and the plastic parts are also BPA-free... so are "chemical-free" for your little ones!

FREE Earth Friendly products for your home!

The first 100 people to sign up each  month until December, 2010 will receive FREE "earth friendly products" for your home!  February 1st, hop onto your computer, click HERE and sign up!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Photo books only $12.95 - $18.95 with up to 100 pages!

WinkFlash used to have this sale every 3 months or so a couple years ago, and I was able to get 3 really nice photo books for my daughter - the first book is 0-6 months, then 6 mo - 1 year, then the 3rd book is 1 year - 2 years! I have been waiting for over a year now for them to do the sale again so I can do one for my son. I just checked my email, and they have brought the flat rate book sale back - YAAAAY! It is like a nice coffee table book and you can do up to 100 pages, various colors and cover finishes (like fabric, textured, window etc.) and you can customize each page with different layouts and captions for the $12.95 - $18.95 price! Just enter code "ITSBACK" - click HERE to go to their site!

FREE Reusable Lunch Bag still with Subway kids meal!

Remember my post a couple months ago about the FREE reusable lunch bag that your Subway kids meal will come in? Well, they are still doing this promo - at least the one nearest to us is! We just got back from running errands, and we stopped in to Subway for some lunch, and there they were! They also added some new cute designs with butterflies, and girly designs, when back in Nov/Dec, the designs were borderline boyish. So, if you are out and about this weekend, and want a quickie lunch, see if your Subway is still doing this promo too! : )

Plan Toys on sale at Totsy!

Starting today at Totsy, Plan Toys are on sale! I love this brand! They use natural Rubberwood and non-toxic paints, and the designs are really cool! Most of their items are pretty spendy at full price, but Totsy has them on sale right now and some of them are more than half off!! The modern dollhouse above is on sale for $72 (reg $120, and they are $110 at Amazon right now), and that is the cheapest I've seen it! Check Totsy out HERE - they are an invite-only sale site where normally there is a waiting list to join, but I have my handy-dandy invite code for you to join right away instead of waiting! Click HERE for your invite! Oh, and Totsy is also a "green" company, and will plant a tree in your name with your purchase!

Organic at Wal-Mart??!!

As much as I hate to write a post about Wal-Mart, after vowing to not shop there... and have not been to one in about 2 years now, I think I might just stop in to check out their Organic clothing! What? Yes! I just found out that their Faded Glory line has a bunch of Organic cotton numbers! Some are blends with Spandex (fairly common), and others are 100% cotton. I found out by accident because a friend of mine gave my daughter this super cute dress (the striped one pictured above) and I didn't know it was Organic until I looked at the label for washing instructions! So, I did a search online for this "Faded Glory" brand name, and there she be; at Wal-Mart. So, then I did a search in their search box for "Organic", and they also had womens, mens, kids and baby items. So, as much as I do NOT want to go, I think I will see what their selection is like. After all, this girl is on a budget these days, but I also want to choose Organic, which can be a tough call sometimes weighing out the cost vs. the benefit. I believe the benefit wins almost every time when it comes to ridding our lives of unnecessary chemicals - I just have to clip more coupons and surf for more deals to "save" in other areas of my life to make it happen. So far, it's been working for me! I always focus on what I want and I make it happen. So, if going to Wal-Mart to get my Organic clothes will save me money, I will do it... suck up my pride/suck up some of my opinions about what their company has become (they used to be the all-American company with good values, but in my opinion, greed has taken them over in the last few years). Wal-Fart, Here I Come!

p.s. I hope it doesn't bite me in the behind, and I find out later that they falsely used the term Organic, or that they still used some other treatment on the garment and it's just that the cotton was grown organically, and not that the garment is free of icky chemicals... sigh. I'll do some quick research before I go, because, well, I still don't really trust Wal-Mart and especially not it's suppliers in China.

Sunday Coupons Preview!

Here is a preview of what you'll find in this Sunday's paper across the country!
You can either subscribe to your local Sunday paper to get these (or find it in the store/news stand)... OR, many of these coupons can be found online and you can print out only the coupons you think you'll use at, and

Plus, you can sometimes double or even triple-stack your coupons on certain items at stores where you can load digital e-coupons onto the rewards card like at Safeway! See my posts HERE and HERE where I double and triple-stacked some coupons using CellFire, Shortcuts, and P&G eSaver, and Safeway's new Coupon Link!

Here are some of the places I get my coupons:
- Sunday paper
- Online coupon sources:,,
- e-Coupon sites (loads onto your Safeway or other store card): cellfire, shortcuts, P&G e-saver and Safeway's new Coupon Link

Plus, Organic Grocery Deals is another place where you can find forums and some coupons that are more organically-based!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Right On, Rite Aid - Doubling up the Deals to Maximize Rewards!

There are several concurrent deals at Rite Aid right now where you can double-up on the rewards for shopping at RiteAid:

Single Check Rebates - earn a cash rebate (you can deposit into your bank account or spend at RiteAid) with purchase of certain items
Healthy Heart promo for a Rite Aid gift card - $10 RiteAid Gift Card w/$25 in qualifying purchases & $25 gc w/$50 in qualifying purchases
Olympic Grab the Gold promo for a Visa Rewards Card (like a pre-paid debit/gift card that can be used pretty much anywhere) - $5 Visa Rewards Card w/$25 in qualifying purchases, $15 Visa card w/$50 in qualifying purchases, or $35 Visa card w/$100 in qualifying purchases!
Oral Care promo for $5 Rite Aid Gift Card = purchase $15 in qualifying products
Rite Aid Video Values coupons - watch commercials HERE to earn a coupon!
Game of Life promo = with qualifying purchases, you get game tickets that you collect and match up for prizes + instant wins in some tickets + a coupon in every ticket!

Here are some of the products I found that double-dip! ("SCR" = Single Check Rebate, "HH" = Healthy Heart promo, "GG" = Olympic Grab the Gold promo, "OC" = Oral Care promo, "VV" = Video Values coupon is available right now, & GoL = Game of Life ticket)

Alli 90-ct Starter Pack, or 120ct Refills = $10 SCR + HH + $5 VV
Bayer Asperin 50-120ct = $2 VV + HH
Benefiber 48-62 dose, 60-100ct, 28-ct packets = $3 SCR + HH
Centrum Silver Ultra 100ct = $2 VV + HH
Crest Toothpaste, 6oz or larger = GG + OC
Colgate Total Advanced Whitening Toothpaste, 4oz = $2 SCR + HH
Duracell Rechargeable Pre-Charged Batteries AA/AAA 4-pack -or- Value Battery Charger = $3 SCR + GG
Gillette or Gillette Satin Care, Fusion, Mach3 shave gel = $1 SCR + GG + GoL
Gillette, -or- Secret Clinical Strength, -or- Old Spice Pro Strength Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant 1.6 - 1.7oz = $2 SCR + GG
Metamucil, 72-dose or 100-ct = HH + GG + GoL
Old Spice Pro Strength, -or- Gillette, -or- Secret Clinical Strength Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant 1.6 - 1.7oz = $2 SCR + GG
Oral B Advanced Floss Picks, 90ct = OC + GG
Oral B CrossAction Power Toothbrushes and/or Refill Heads 2-ct = purchase 4 for $10 SCR + GG
Pampers Jumbo Pack 31-36ct = $2 SCR + GG + GoL
Prilosec OTC 42ct = $6 SCR + GG + GoL
Prilosec OTC 28-ct = $5 SCR + GG + GoL
Secret Clinical Strength -or- Old Spice Pro Strength, -or- Gillette Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant 1.6 - 1.7oz = $2 SCR + GG + GoL on the Secret, not old spice or gillette deodorent
Sensodyne ProNamel Toothpaste 4oz = $1 SCR + OC

PLUS, many of the above have manufacturer coupons and possibly Rite-Aid in-ad coupons you can use to get the out-of-pocket price EVEN LOWER... BUT, the GG, OC and HH all say that the value towards the promo is AFTER coupons, so watch out for that.
ALSO, the HH says that it cannot be combined with any other offer - not sure what they mean by that, but in the past, with offers like this, you CAN combo them, but maybe they have changed the rule for that HH promo only? The other promos do NOT state that. You will be able to use the VV with the HH though since it's a coupon. Go HERE for more info on each promo above, and HERE for the VV promo.

Rite Aid $1.50 Tom's of Maine Toothpaste!

Valid through Saturday, 1/30/10, Tom's of Maine toothpaste (and deodorant too) is on sale for 2/$6, BUT, you can get them for 2/$3 = $1.50 each:

Buy 2 Tom's of Maine Maximum Strength Sensitive toothpaste
- use TWO of the $1/1 coupons for the above toothpaste from HERE
- $1/2 SCR (Single Check Rebate - RiteAid's online, digital rebate system is super easy to use!)
= 2/$3 after SCR!

Even BETTER than last week: Huggies Pure & Natural deal @ RiteAid!

Now, at RiteAid, they have a $3 Single Check Rebate (SCR) with the purchase of one pack of Huggies Jumbo diapers (last SCR cycle, it was a $1 SCR)! So, that's better than my post last week HERE with the Huggies deal! The other coupons from my previous post are still good, so, you could either head over there before the 31st to use the printable PDF coupon, or wait to see if the Huggies will go on sale in the next few weeks to score an even better deal!

- $2.50 off coupon from HERE for Huggies Pure & Natural (there are other Huggies coups too!)
- $5/$25 total RiteAid purchase from HERE (search for Rite Aid in the search box)
- $5/$25 total RiteAid purchase from HERE (it's a PDF)
- $5/$20 Video Values Reward coupon from watching 20 videos HERE!
- $1 off Huggies Video Values coupon from watching the Huggies video (January videos - they change the videos once a month, so if you want the coupon, watch the video now and print it out - no matter when you print it out, it will be valid until the end of Feb, so go ahead and print it out now!)
- $3 SCR (Rite Aid's rebate system - you can do it digitally online)

Most RiteAids will let you use 2 of the "total-purchase" coupons... and some Rite Aids will let you use ALL 3 coupons!

$2 & $4 coupons on Rice Select

Rice Select have Organic rice and pasta options for dinner accompaniments and don't use creepy chemicals, etc. in the flavored rice dinners! Plus, the rice is grown and packaged here in the USA! Here are some great, high-value coupons for you...
Click HERE to go to their site where you can print a $2 off coupon
Click HERE to go to Mambo Sprout's site with a $4/2 coupon!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

25% off all Valentines photo gifts!

Right now, if you sign up for a Free Photoworks account, you get a coupon for 25% off all Valentine personalized photo gifts coupon! Click HERE to go to the promo page with info and the promo code to enter in to score your coupon!

Green & Healthy Tip + 27oz Klean Kanteen only $12.99 + Free extra cap!

Right now, at Nubius Organics, they have this large, 27 oz Klean Kanteen on sale for only $12.99 (reg. $21.95!) and there are 3 colors available - click HERE to go to the product's page so you don't have to wade through the site to find them. PLUS, if you enter code "FREECAP" at checkout, you can get a FREE extra cap when you purchase a Klean Kanteen! Also, check out their clearance section while you're there - there are some cool eco-friendly items in there at 40% to 60% off!

Green & Healthy Tip:
We try to use these stainless steel, reusable bottles instead of buying plastic bottled water because: 1. It is healthier to not drink from plastic (potentially, chemicals leach into the water from the plastic), 2. It's less items we have to fill the recycle bin with, AND 3. It's cheaper to use your own filtered water!
I also found a disturbing fact, that some of the bottled water companies use lake and river water for their bottled water that has been supposedly distilled and according to them, wont be harmful. This sounds okay on the surface, but last year, one of the companies (I want to say it is Desani) started using water from one of our local rivers, the Willamette River, and there is a sewage treatment plant also on that water, and when we get a lot of rain, it can overflow... they also say that that river is not really safe to swim in in on most days! So, I'm grossed out, distilled/filtered or not. When I do buy "over the counter" water, I ALWAYS buy natural Spring water, not distilled, and not the ones labeled as "drinking water" instead of "spring water". Also, watch out for OLDER Sigg bottles you might find at a garage sale, because the older ones were found to contain BPA in the lining - yikes! Sigg says that they have fixed the problem in their newer bottles.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Natural/Non-toxic/Green deals @ Target!

I just got back from Target and there were some great deals to be had on natural/non-toxic/green goods! (I was going to go yesterday and look for the Princess Bride DVD with my $2 coupon from HERE, but never made it... and then today, I forgot to look for the DVD because I got side-tracked and didn't realize until I tried to hand the checkout girl my coupon! So, the coupon remains in my purse!). I was amazed at the Seventh Generation selection they had there - they had pretty much everything Seventh Gen makes! Here is what I got...

Seventh Generation Dish Soap liquid - on sale for only $2.49 - $1 coupon from HERE = $1.49! (these are normally around $3!)

Seventh Generation Dishwasher instant tabs - on sale for $3.41 - $1 coupon from HERE = $2.41 (normally $4+)

Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent - Huge, economy-size 150-oz, 99-load 2x Laundry Detergent - on sale for $17.99 - $2 coupon from the bottle = $15.99 (this is a REALLY good deal for this size - the 150-oz size is normally over $20 to $40 each bottle!!)

Huggies Pure & Natural "Super Mega Pack" on sale for $18.49 - $3 Target printable coupon from HERE + $2.50 printable coupon from HERE = $12.99 for the HUGE pack, which is the regular price of the smaller "Jumbo" pack!

GE Energy Smart, economy pack of Energy Efficient CFL light-bulbs (I got the 3-pack of the outdoor floodlight style, but they also had a huge 7-pack of the household kind too for the same price, which is a better deal, but I didn't need those - we have stockpiles of that kind already!) = $9.99 - $2 GE Energy Smart CFL bulbs Target coupon from past insert - $1 GE Energy Smart manufacturer coupon from a past insert = $6.99!

P.S. Click HERE to go to my blog post about making homemade household "sanitizing" wipes that you can make very similar to Seventh Gen's!

FREE kids activities, plus bonuses for Mom!

Here are some upcoming FREE crafty kids activities, events, craft classes and coupons for both you and the kiddos! If you homeschool, some of these would make a cool learning field trip! I know with my daughter, sometimes she is more apt to stay focused when we are in a setting like this!

Jo-Ann Fabrics - Feb 6th - Free kids sewing class: sewing a pillowcase! It varies by store location, and smaller locations don't have the classes. Go HERE and select your state, and scroll down to look for the "Creative University" in the right hand column and click to see the schedule ...and for YOU, there are a TON of online FREE crafts HERE! Plus, click HERE to go to their online shopping site and enter code "JAA1040" for 40% off one item!

Lakeshore Learning - Feb. 13th, 11am - 3pm: Kids can do fun Valentine's Day, Chinese New Year, and Presidents' Day crafts... and YOU get $15, or $10, or $5 off your purchase while you are there - Click HERE for more info about that promo! Also, every Saturday, there is a craft for the kids to do, like Jan 30th is a cute house decoration, Feb 6th is a valentine holder, etc. click HERE for their crafts calendar.

Pottery Barn Kids - Feb. 6th & 7th: Kids can craft their very own Valentine cards... and YOU get 10% off select Valentine's Day items in-store only.

Michael's Crafts - Jan 30, Feb 6, Feb 9 & Feb 13: Various valentines crafts and a cookie decorating demo also on the 9th! On the 9th, kids can do the valentines pictured 10am - 2pm, click HERE for more info ... and for YOU, there is a printable coupon HERE for 40% off one item, but it is only good through 1/30/10!

Home Depot - Feb. 6th, 9am - noon: this cool model car display! Go early, because I have arrived at 11:30 before for these, and they had already gone through all of the crafts and were closing up early.... and for YOU, sign up HERE to receive their e-circular so you can be the first to know about their sales and coupons before you open the newspaper!

Lowe's - Feb 13th - 10am - 11am: This cute Valentines Jewelry organizer for Mom or Grandma! Click HERE to go to their site and you can pre-register for the class to ensure your spot! ... and for YOU, if you sign up HERE with Lowe's Moving, they will email you a 10% off coupon, and will also send one to you in the mail! I'm sure you could sign up for this even if you didn't recently move - you moved there in one point in your life, right?!

Barnes & Noble - Wednesdays Story hour and crafts! The hours and activities varies by store, but at my local store, there is a story hour and crafts at 10am tomorrow! Go HERE to locate your store and times ...and for YOU, there is a 20% off printable coupon HERE!

Personalized book for only $19.95!

The I See Me! personalized books are soooo cool - they are personalized with the child's first and last name and integrates their name into the story - kids LOVE that! These would be especially great for babies to learn their name, and for toddlers to learn the alphabet, and pre-schoolers to learn how to spell their name! A few of their books are also available at Pottery Barn Kids, but it is actually cheaper to go directly to the manufacturer! Their newest book is titled, "Who Loves Me?" and is only $19.95! There are virtual tours of the books online for you to view, and in the Who Loves Me book, you can personalize it with different family members' names integrated into the story - so cool! The books also have a printed dedication you can customize too. Their site says the personalized book usually arrives within two weeks of ordering, so if you want to give this super cute gift to your little Valentine, hurry on over HERE and get your order in! Plus, if you have multiple kids to buy for, when your order comes to $75, you can get FREE shipping with code "FSW745" - ends 2/1/10!

Eco-Friendly Valentines Cards - Proceeds to Haiti!

Cards for Haiti: Paper Culture will donate 100% of all proceeds from its 2010 Eco-Valentine's Cards to Haiti Relief. This one is for all you busy gals (or guys!) out there who may not have time (or patience) to make your own Valentines! They are a carbon-neutral company, and use recycled resources to create their cards as well as in their everyday business, like their invoices and stationary! They also can address and send out your valentines FOR you - no more carpel tunnel for you! Click HERE to go to their site! They have options to customize and personalize with your photo, and card designs without a photo.

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Weekly Green - Tip #10

Tip #10 - The Mastery and Mystery of "Greener" Diapers... and my compromise:
I had every intention of going 100% cloth, but as it is with being a mom, you have to be ready for a change in plans... always. I think where the "slacking" came was when we had our house listed for sale, and it had to be spotless. We had to be ready at any moment to leave the house if we had a showing. This can be pretty tricky when you have an infant and a toddler running a muck! I soon realized it was a little bit too difficult for me to be on top of the laundry at all times, plus, make sure I had all of my diapering supplies with me as I whisked out of the house with two little ones in tow. I found that something had to give, so I struck a balance with disposable diapers for on-the-go, and cloth for home, and hybrids in between! That really worked for me, and I still do it this way, even though we are in the new (but old) house now, and that old (but new) one is gone! Here are some of my findings...

The better disposable
I tried several brands of disposables that are made with more gentle and more biodegradable materials and/or do not have chlorine - chlorine is bad for baby's bum, and bad for the landfill = chemicals seeping into the ground. Here is what I found about each brand:

Earth's Best - their diapers tend to run a little big, and didn't seem AS absorbent as Seventh Generation. They make that crunchy diaper sound when my son walks around (like if you crinkled a plastic bag, but not that bad). Overall, not a bad diaper, and you would get a bigger bang for your buck if you have a baby that's high on the growth chart curve since you get more diapers in the bag of smaller-size diapers. There are coupons HERE.

Seventh Generation - Their diapers were true to size, and absorbency is good. They sometimes can make the same crunchy sound as the Earth's Best. I liked their toddler training pants for my daughter as far as absorbency and pure function, but the sides are hard to rip if you need to remove a poopy pant in a jiffy (it is less messy to rip the pant off by the sides than to pull them off like underwear when there is a load in there!) and I wish they used a design more like the Huggies or Pampers pull-ups, where it is almost like velcro and you can re-attach it too if you need to. There are coupons HERE with signup.

Huggies Pure & Natural - I really, really like these - they are soft to the touch, not scratchy and none of the crunchy diaper sound (it would be great if they came out with a Pure & Natural training pant, but none so far!). They are really absorbent and use organic cotton. There is a high-value coupon for $2.50 off HERE!

The Hybrid - Disposable meets Cloth - a disposable inner portion, and a washable outer.
g-Diaper - This is the only "hybrid" I've tried and I really like their system (plus, they are a local company for us here in Portland, Oregon if you are interested in supporting local businesses!). I really like using these because my son can wear the same "outer" all day long, and we just throw out the "inner" part (well, sometimes the potty or poo-poos do leak out onto the outer). The removable "inner" is biodegradable and only takes a few weeks to fully biodegrade, rather than months, years, or even never! The other cool part is that you can flush the inner (requires swishing a bit with a swish stick though, so after a few times, I got kind of tired of doing it), and for the potty-diapers, you can even throw them in your compost! Don't throw the pooh ones in your compost, though! This is also a good option if your babe goes to a day school/day care, because some state laws will not allow a cloth diaper for sanitary reasons - these would be a good solution for that because the inner can be disposed of, and you can have peace of mind that you are adding something to the trash that is completely biodegradable.

The New Cloth Diaper
Nowdays, there are so many cool cloth diaper options that are shaped like, and function like a real diaper! It is so much easier to wrap your baby's bum up in one of these rather than trying to pin up one of the old fashioned cloths, and cover it with an uncomfortable waterproof outer like our moms used to do! I love the cool, funky fabrics most companies use for their new-style cloth diapers that baby can wear around the house like mini shorts, and even look fine wearing out of the house with just a shirt and the diaper (on warm days, that is!!!)

Bumkins - this is the only brand I've tried. The style I use is the "All in One", and I also bought some of their bamboo ones that I ended up using inside the "All in One" shell for extra absorbency (plus, the bamboo is SOOOO soft!). They use velcro to close it up, and are shaped just like a real diaper. There is an extra inner layer that you can add for extra absorbency and everything is fully washable! My only problem with this system is when you are out and about, you always have to bring along some sort of a water-proof bag or container to put the dirty diapers or inners in to bring back home to wash. You also will want to be on top of the laundry... no more leaving the whites in a pile on the laundryroom floor for a week! I never really got into the routine because of the whole selling our house thing, but I can see if I would have formed a good routine, that I probably could have stuck with it. For me, the hybrid option is easier, but it may be different for you, so give it a try at least!

I think that the older baby gets, the easier it is to use these diapers because the poohs are more solid and easier to plop out into the toilet... when baby is little, it's that really mushy poop and it is a lot messier using the cloth. In my opinion, use the hybrid or disposables when they are little, and then the cloth when they are older and more solid poopies.

Stay tuned next week for Tip #11!

Organic clothes clearance + donation to Haiti!

I just found this clearance sale on certified Organic clothes for men, women and babies - like only $4.95 for the woman's shirt pictured below and $6.95 for the men's pictured above... and they also had a women's pajama set for only $5.95 (reg. $46!)! Click HERE to go to their site. I'm not sure how long this clearance sale will last, but THE BEST PART is that for evey $25 you spend, they will match it with $25 worth of new clothing to send to Haiti!

$2 off the Princess Bride DVD coupon!

I just noticed as I was perusing the coupons before heading to the store, that there is a $2 off coupon HERE for the Princess Bride movie! That is my alltime favorite movie, and we have it on tape, not DVD (tape cassette, what's that?!), so I'm printing it now to bring with me to the store to see what the price is, and I just might upgrade to DVD! I think it's on sale for $7.50 at Target right now, according to their website. : )

TODAY ONLY - Planet Earth Complete Series DVD - $19.99

TODAY ONLY 1/25/10, at the Discovery Channel Store, the Planet Earth complete series DVD set is on sale for only $19.99, and Blu-Ray for only $24.99! These are normally over $90! If you haven't seen this series, it is absolutely beautiful - the camera angles are stunning, and some rarely caught animal and nature footage. This is a really good deal for this set - get on over there before they sell out! These would also make great gifts for the one who has everything, or the one you don't know what to buy for!
Plus, their Semi-Annual DVD Sale continues: save up to 60%! Hurry, the $5.99 DVDs won't last long! Click HERE to go to their site!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

40% off EVERYTHING at Positively Organic - MINE JUST ARRIVED!

Now through 1/31/10, Positively Organic (baby and kids clothing) is having a HUGE New Year sale with everything 40% off - yes, EVERYTHING, including sale and clearance items!
My order just arrived and the fabric is SOOOO soft and thick (not the cheap and thin fabrics you would find at other kid/baby stores) and was made very well!  Above is the shirt and skirt I got for my daughter for her birthday!  I'm so excited about these clothes!
They have baby, toddler and kids clothes up to 6-year old sizes. The dress below is already on sale in the "50% off Summer Sale" section for only $19 (sizes 6 months - 6 years available!!), but then with the 40% off code, it would be only $11.40! The long-sleeve shirt below (they have only baby sizes left) is in the Clearance section for $5, so only $3 at 40% off!  That is a really good deal for organic! Just go HERE and be sure to enter code "po-newyear" at the bottom of the cart/checkout page!

Right On, Rite Aid - my 65% off shopping trip 1/20/10

Here is what I scored yesterday at Rite Aid at a 65% savings by using coupons...

2 packs Huggies Pure & Natural diapers - $11.99 ea = $23.98
- Two of the $2.50 coupons from HERE
- $1 Video Values coupon from watching the Huggies video
- $1 SCR - Single Check Rebate (Rite Aid's digital rebate system)

1 10oz bottle Opti Free eye Solution - $9.49
- $3 in-ad RiteAid coupon
- my clipped $2 coupon from a past insert (there is also a $1 coupon HERE)

Total before coupons = $33.47
- All the coupons listed above
- $5/$20 coupon from watching 20 Video Value videos - sign up HERE
- $5/$25 coupon from HERE (it's a PDF)
= $12.47 out of pocket, and will be $11.47 after SCR on the Huggies!

So, after SCR, I got TWO packs of diapers and eye solution for LESS than the price of ONE pack of diapers!

Triple points days at Oompa Toys!

Today (1/21/10), through 1/24/10 are TRIPLE POINTS DAYS at Oompa Toys - I love it when companies have rewards programs because it can help you stretch your dollar even further! With every dollar spent, you earn points towards future purchases, and you can earn bonus points by reviewing the item you bought on their site! Oompa has all sorts of toys, strollers, feeding accessories, etc. with an emphasis on natural, non-toxic toys and those made in the USA and Europe! They even have a search tab on the left where you can narrow the items down to those made in the USA - cool! I bought some of these cool, bendable wood toys by Hape, called Anamalz (that are made from Organic Maple wood and non-toxic paints/finishes) from Oompa and my little girl loves them so much that I bought more creatures to give her for her birthday this week - their price is lower than most other places I've seen these critters! Click HERE to go to their site!

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Weekly Green - Tip #9

Tip #9 - Repurposing Hidden Gems - two for the price of one!
We have been trying to be more aware of the things we buy that also come with a bunch of unnecessary packaging that just fill our trash and recycle bins.  BUT, I do also try to be more aware of a purchase that may include a hidden gem with a multi-purpose from the packaging!

One item I just repurposed is the plastic tub my Foster Farms lunch meat came in.  It was a very nice tub with a lid (pictured here) that is NOW my daughter's crayons tub!  The label on the top was just glued on, so it was really easy to pull off and wash.  I have 2 more of these in the freezer and one in the refrigerator... so, when we eat up all that lunch meat, I'll be able to organize the kids craft stuff!  I can put stickers in one, scrap paper pieces in another, and maybe some small toys in another!
That is how I plan to use the tubs, but there are so many other uses for them - pretty much anything you would use a Tupperware container for!  You could even save them up for Christmas, tie a ribbon around it and put your homemade cookies in them for the neighbors! 
So, when you are at the supermarket, be on the lookout for items where the packaging may have a hidden repurpose, for two reasons: 1. to reduce waste, and 2. to save you money on something you may have bought anyways (in this case, a tupperware container)!

Stay tuned next week for Tip #10!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Possibly best deal on Huggies Pure & Natural Diapers - as low as $4.98 for TWO packs!

RiteAid - $16 to $21 off two packs with coupons + $1 Single Check Rebate = $17 - $22 OFF two packs!!!  That's better than buy one, get one free!
Buy 2 packs of Huggies Pure & Natural Diapers (usually $9.99 ea. on sale, to $11.99-$12.99 not on sale).  I'm not sure how much the diapers are right now, but even if they were $12.99 each = $25.98
- TWO of the new $2.50 off, coupons from HERE for Huggies Pure & Natural
- $5/$25 total RiteAid purchase from HERE (search for Rite Aid in the search box)
- $5/$25 total RiteAid purchase from HERE (it's a PDF)
- $5/$20 Video Values Reward coupon from watching 20 videos HERE!
- $1 off Huggies Video Values coupon from watching the Huggies video
Most RiteAids will let you use the $5/$20Video Values coupon AND one of the $5/$25 coupons, and some Rite Aids will let you use ALL 3 coupons, so...

=  ONLY $4.98 to $9.98 for BOTH packs!   
Then, submit for your $1 Single Check Rebate from RiteAid's digital system HERE!
That scenario was assuming they'd be $12.99 each - they are usually $11.99, but just playing it safe with the higher price.  If you need to, add something cheap to your cart to make your total at least $25 so you can use all the total purchase coupons.

Babies R Us/Toys R Us - $4.50 off one pack
Stack the new $2.50 off, printable coupon on for Huggies Pure & Natural diapers with the $2 off diapers coupon which includes Huggies Pure & Natural (as well as Seventh Generation, Earth's Best, etc.) printable PDF from HERE!  Hurry - the Babies/Toys R Us coupon ends the 21st (the one ends the 31st)! So, with the two coupons in hand, you'd save $4.50!

$2.50 off Printable Huggies Pure & Natural Coupon!

There is a new, printable coupon on for $2.50 off Huggies Pure & Natural diapers! There are also $2 and $1 off coupons for other Huggies diaper varieties, and $0.75 off wipes coupon to print too! Click HERE to find the coupons - hurry on over, some coupons have national print limits and they'll remove the coupon when it reaches that limit!
I like the Pure and Natural diapers because they use organic cotton, and not the creepy chemicals that are in many of the other disposable diapers.