Saturday, January 2, 2010

Right On, Rite Aid! Game of Life promotion - win prizes!

This sounds like a fun promo - everytime you shop at Rite Aid, you'll get a game ticket to place on your Game of Life board that RiteAid will supply, or you can print one from HERE (it's a PDF)... plus, there are BONUS tickets you can earn from buying certain items!  FUN!  Click HERE for details.  On top of them paying me to shop there with their Single Check Rebates, Video Values coupons and BOGO sales that with 2 coupons can buy me items for pennies on the dollar, they are now giving me a chance to win goodies too!  YAAAAY!  This wont make me shop there more just to get the tickets, I am just excited for the fun promo since I already shop there quite often!

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