Monday, January 11, 2010

UNBELIEVABLE Organic sale - Organic Queen sheet set $29.99 + Organic shirt $4.99!

I just bought an Organic Cotton, queen-size sheet set for only $29.99 (was $150!) at Under The Canopy!!!  That is even cheaper than the scratchy sets they have at Target, etc.!  They also have shirts for only $5.99 & $4.99, and a $19.99 jacket too!  The shirt & jacket are pictured below!  on their site, the sale prices are in the light grayish color - I almost missed the price because the regular price listed is actually darker/brighter and stands out more, and the sale price sort of blends in with the background and easy to miss!  Click HERE to go to their site, and click on the "sale" and squint your eyes to see the marked down sale prices!  They have a sale in both the clothing and in the home sections.  WOWSERS!

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