Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Right On, Rite Aid - my Mom's shopping trip 1/12/10!

Yes, I've gotten my mom in on the coupon action now, and I think I've started an addiction - sorry Mom!
Here is what she scored, with a little help from me collecting the necessary coupons, and showing her the Video Values system (go HERE and click on the Video Values button and then sign up - watch commercials to earn coupons! Watch 20 to get a $5/$20 purchase coupon!) and the Single Check Rebate system (easy online rebate system, and when the rebate arrives in the mail, you can deposit it into your bank account like a check, or spend it directly at RiteAid - find it HERE)... she was also able to get the cashier to also scan all of the peelie coupons that were attached to the items, on top of clipped coupons she had! I didn't know you could do that, but I guess in most cases you can! All that savings I could be getting!
PLUS, sometimes when an item comes out to be FREE or nearly free but it's a product you don't normally use, think about donating it! RiteAid's deals make it easier to be able to donate on a strict budget! There are tons of non-profits that would love to receive more toiletries for those they are aiding. Even for the crisis in Haiti, items you can find at RiteAid for free or nearly free are of need there too!

Here is what my mom bought:
2 boxes Osteo Bi-Flex glucosomine vitamins - BOGO sale - $19.99 for one, one FREE
- two of my clipped $6 off coupons from past inserts, have also seen coupons HERE - there is a Flex-a-min coupon there for sure though!
- two $3 peelie coupons on the boxes
- $3 Video Values coupon

Draino Max 32oz - $3.49
- in-ad coupon $0.50 off
- clipped $0.55 coupon from a past insert
- Peelie $0.50 coupon on the bottle

2 Maybaline mascaras - Buy 1, Get 1 50% off - one $5.19, one $2.59 (50% off)
- $1 Video Values coupon
- two of my clipped $1 off coupons from past inserts
+ there is a $2 Single Check Rebate!
= $2.78 for BOTH mascaras

2 boxes Cheerios Multi-Grain $4.79 x 2 = 9.58
- $1/2 clipped coupon from past insert, or from HERE
- $1/2 Video Values coupon
= $7.58 for both (not really a great deal, but at the end it wont matter - you'll see...!)

Buttered Popcorn $1.50
(I had a coupon for this, but we didn't know she was going to buy it before she went, but it was on "sale" for $1.50)

1 Simply Asia noodle bowl $2.99
- $0.50 Video Values coupon
= $1.49

- $5/$20 total purchase coupon Video Values coupon (for watching 20 video commercials - you can do other things while "watching", but you have to enter a code at the end of each video, so watch out!)

- $5/$25 total purchase coupon from Red Plum online HERE (if you don't see it, try zip 97015 - it may no longer be on the system, but it was the other day when we printed it)

= ONLY $7.78 out of pocket
- $2 Single Check rebate on the mascara
= $5.78 for all of the above!!!

(it would have cost $45.33 without all of her coupons, and would have been $67.91 without RiteAid's BOGO and B1G1 50% off sales on the vitamins and mascara!)

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