Thursday, January 28, 2010

Even BETTER than last week: Huggies Pure & Natural deal @ RiteAid!

Now, at RiteAid, they have a $3 Single Check Rebate (SCR) with the purchase of one pack of Huggies Jumbo diapers (last SCR cycle, it was a $1 SCR)! So, that's better than my post last week HERE with the Huggies deal! The other coupons from my previous post are still good, so, you could either head over there before the 31st to use the printable PDF coupon, or wait to see if the Huggies will go on sale in the next few weeks to score an even better deal!

- $2.50 off coupon from HERE for Huggies Pure & Natural (there are other Huggies coups too!)
- $5/$25 total RiteAid purchase from HERE (search for Rite Aid in the search box)
- $5/$25 total RiteAid purchase from HERE (it's a PDF)
- $5/$20 Video Values Reward coupon from watching 20 videos HERE!
- $1 off Huggies Video Values coupon from watching the Huggies video (January videos - they change the videos once a month, so if you want the coupon, watch the video now and print it out - no matter when you print it out, it will be valid until the end of Feb, so go ahead and print it out now!)
- $3 SCR (Rite Aid's rebate system - you can do it digitally online)

Most RiteAids will let you use 2 of the "total-purchase" coupons... and some Rite Aids will let you use ALL 3 coupons!

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