Friday, January 15, 2010

Rhyme Time! 3 Dr. Seuss books for $4.99 + FREE Canvas Tote Bag!

This is kind of cool, but try not to drool (hee, hee - my attempt at a Seuss rhyme!) - Click HERE to check it out... you can get 3 Dr. Seuss books for only $4.99 + S&H, plus get a FREE Cat in the Hat canvas tote bag! It is a book club, but you can cancel at anytime... SO... get your 3 Seuss books for $4.99 (you have to buy Cat in the Hat to get the deal) and your tote bag, then cancel! Or, continue with the club to build your Seuss Library! I like to teach about rhyming after reading one of our Dr. Seuss books, and I make my toddler (well, technically, she's a "preschooler" now - sigh!) try to come up with some other words that rhyme! Most of the words she comes up with are not real words, but at least she gets the point! Go HERE to get in on the deal!

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