Monday, January 4, 2010

Tulle's Day is back! $2.99 shirts, $3.99 dresses & $4.99 jackets! (starts tomorrow)

Tomorrow, 1/5/10, is Tulle's Day at Tulle!  With this sale, they have unbelievably low prices on super cute clothes, like $2.99 for a shirt and $4.99 for a jacket!  They are not Organic, but very cute!  Check them out HERE and scope out some things you may want to go back to their site for tomorrow to see if they'll be part of the sale!
Here is what they said will be listed as part of the big sale tomorrow:

Knits, Woven tops and shirts - $2.99
Dresses, Shorts, Skirts - $3.99
Pants, Jackets, Coats - $4.99

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