Friday, January 8, 2010

Remodel on the Cheap -or- Remodel on the Green!

My friend just reminded me of a great place to find some materials for your next remodel project - big or small... or an art or garden project, even! The Habitat for Humanity ReStore! There are locations in many states/cities - Click HERE to go to the Portland/Vancouver website. Do a search online for stores/organizations in your area. Purchases you make will benefit Habitat for Humanity!
The products they offer for sale are donations from various sources - some brand new, and some are salvaged goods that are in great shape for reuse in your remodel/build or for your most creative repurposing project! When my friend was there, Miller Paint had just donated hundreds of gallons of brand new paint and ReStore was selling it for only $5 per gallon - what a sweet score! The ReStore has cabinets, flooring, hardware and more - pretty much anything you can think of for your next home project - for pennies on the dollar in some cases!

There are also opportunities for you to help this organization out by donating your own materials that are fit for repurposing, or you can even help by volunteering your time! Check out their site HERE for more info!

Plus, there are also Tool Lending Libraries around many towns - there is one I know of in Portland (you have to be a resident of NE Portland to be a member - membership is free) at the corner of NE Killingsworth and 20th, in the basement of the Redeemer Lutheran Church. You can check out tools just like you would a book... for FREE! Many of these tools would cost a lot of money to rent from places like Home Depot or other tool rental business. Do a search in your town to see if there is a Tool Lending Library in your area?!

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