Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Savings-a-Plenty Safeway Shopping trip - 1/12/10 + New digital coupon system!

 Sorry this is too late for you to get in on some of these deals, but I didn't go shopping until the last day of the "sale" today (Tuesday 1/12/10), and late at night too (I was surprised how many people were there though!)!  But, thought I'd share some of the savings I scored since it will help for future trips even though not for these products and prices!  Maybe the deals will be even better next week?!
Safeway has a new coupon-loading system called Coupon Link!  This is ON TOP of cellfire, shortcuts, and PG e-saver!  So, it is even easier to double, triple, or even quadruple-stack a coupon on an item and get it nearly free, free, or even "make money" by purchasing certain items - SCORE!
Using the 4 sites I list above, you can "load" digital coupons directly onto your Safeway card by creating an account and saving your club card number into the system.  You may then choose which coupons you wish to load onto your card.  Then, when you go to the store and swipe your card at the register, it will automatically deduct the coupons from the item(s) purchased, PLUS, you can still use your clipped coupons on TOP of these digital coupons!  To avoid coupon conflict, it is better to swipe your club card AFTER your printed/clipped/physical manufacturer coupons, but before the Safeway clipped coupons you might have.

Seattle's Best Coffee (bagged) - $4.99 - including ORGANIC!
no coupons, but this is a great deal, and I noticed it will continue next week too!

2 boxes Betty Crocker brand Fruit Snacks @ $2 ea = $4
- $1.50/2 Coupon Link
- $0.50 Cellfire
- $1/2 printable coupon from HERE (you have to sign up, but they have a TON of coupons!)
= $0.50 each box!

2 boxes Nabisco brand 100-calorie Pack crackers @$2 ea = $4
- $1/2 Coupon Link
- $2/2 printable coupon from HERE (for any Nabisco crackers, and it worked on the 100-cal packs!)
= $0.50 each box!

4 bags Nature Valley Nut Clusters @ $2.50 ea = $10
- $1/1 Shortcuts
- $1/1 Cellfire
- $0.40/1 Cellfire (actually for Granola Bars, but for some reason it also took off here!)
- 4 printable $1/1 coupons from HERE and HERE (you have to sign up, but there are lots-o-coupons!) and HERE too!
= $0.90 each bag PLUS, you get a $2.50 "catalina" coupon that prints at the register, that is good towards your next Safeway shopping trip!

4 boxes Quaker Oatmeal - BOGO @ $3.99 ea = $15.96 - $7.98 BOGO = $7.98
- 4 printable $1/1 coupons from HERE (Internet Explorer) or HERE (firefox)
- $1/2 Coupon Link (it won't count on the freebies, so with this BOGO sale, you have to buy 4 to make it work because if you were to only buy the 2, Safeway's coupon system only sees it as 1 item, so the automatic coupon wouldn't go through that way)
= $0.74 each box!

2 boxes Fiber One cereal @ $2.50 ea = $5
- $1/2 Coupon Link
- 2 printable $1/1 coupons from HERE (you have to sign up, but it's worth it = lots of coupons!)
= $1 per box!

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