Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Green & Healthy Tip + 27oz Klean Kanteen only $12.99 + Free extra cap!

Right now, at Nubius Organics, they have this large, 27 oz Klean Kanteen on sale for only $12.99 (reg. $21.95!) and there are 3 colors available - click HERE to go to the product's page so you don't have to wade through the site to find them. PLUS, if you enter code "FREECAP" at checkout, you can get a FREE extra cap when you purchase a Klean Kanteen! Also, check out their clearance section while you're there - there are some cool eco-friendly items in there at 40% to 60% off!

Green & Healthy Tip:
We try to use these stainless steel, reusable bottles instead of buying plastic bottled water because: 1. It is healthier to not drink from plastic (potentially, chemicals leach into the water from the plastic), 2. It's less items we have to fill the recycle bin with, AND 3. It's cheaper to use your own filtered water!
I also found a disturbing fact, that some of the bottled water companies use lake and river water for their bottled water that has been supposedly distilled and according to them, wont be harmful. This sounds okay on the surface, but last year, one of the companies (I want to say it is Desani) started using water from one of our local rivers, the Willamette River, and there is a sewage treatment plant also on that water, and when we get a lot of rain, it can overflow... they also say that that river is not really safe to swim in in on most days! So, I'm grossed out, distilled/filtered or not. When I do buy "over the counter" water, I ALWAYS buy natural Spring water, not distilled, and not the ones labeled as "drinking water" instead of "spring water". Also, watch out for OLDER Sigg bottles you might find at a garage sale, because the older ones were found to contain BPA in the lining - yikes! Sigg says that they have fixed the problem in their newer bottles.

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