Friday, January 29, 2010

Organic at Wal-Mart??!!

As much as I hate to write a post about Wal-Mart, after vowing to not shop there... and have not been to one in about 2 years now, I think I might just stop in to check out their Organic clothing! What? Yes! I just found out that their Faded Glory line has a bunch of Organic cotton numbers! Some are blends with Spandex (fairly common), and others are 100% cotton. I found out by accident because a friend of mine gave my daughter this super cute dress (the striped one pictured above) and I didn't know it was Organic until I looked at the label for washing instructions! So, I did a search online for this "Faded Glory" brand name, and there she be; at Wal-Mart. So, then I did a search in their search box for "Organic", and they also had womens, mens, kids and baby items. So, as much as I do NOT want to go, I think I will see what their selection is like. After all, this girl is on a budget these days, but I also want to choose Organic, which can be a tough call sometimes weighing out the cost vs. the benefit. I believe the benefit wins almost every time when it comes to ridding our lives of unnecessary chemicals - I just have to clip more coupons and surf for more deals to "save" in other areas of my life to make it happen. So far, it's been working for me! I always focus on what I want and I make it happen. So, if going to Wal-Mart to get my Organic clothes will save me money, I will do it... suck up my pride/suck up some of my opinions about what their company has become (they used to be the all-American company with good values, but in my opinion, greed has taken them over in the last few years). Wal-Fart, Here I Come!

p.s. I hope it doesn't bite me in the behind, and I find out later that they falsely used the term Organic, or that they still used some other treatment on the garment and it's just that the cotton was grown organically, and not that the garment is free of icky chemicals... sigh. I'll do some quick research before I go, because, well, I still don't really trust Wal-Mart and especially not it's suppliers in China.

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