Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Would you like one lump or two? Wintertime indoor play...

I just found this cute store called Wild Dill- they specialize in organic and non-toxic clothes, toys and more! I almost got this cute tea set by Green Toys (made from recycled materials + made in USA) at Pottery Barn Kids, but didn't because it was too spendy there... Wild Dill has them on sale for $18 right now! Thought I'd have fun with it and put together a whole tea party of items I spied on Wild Dill's site on sale right now!

Your tea party would not be a tea party without the tea set for you and all your bears and dollies! The one above is dishwasher safe, made from recycled materials, and is made in the USA! On sale for only $18 (was $24.99 - I usually see them for $32 around town!)

Need some friends to invite? Here are a few you may consider - the organic chubby bunny can make it to your table for $10, the soft, organic hippo can make it for $20, and the Octopus will be there for $27!

... but, before you make an appearance (fashionably late, of course), you must be dressed in your tea party dress - this one is a cute organic garden dress on sale for $20 - great deal for organic! A smart girl gets her garb on sale!

A sweet snack is a must for any girl's tea party to be a success! These adorable knitted donuts come in their own box to serve from! On sale for $25:

... but, for a more balanced diet, we'd better add some veggies to the table - these cute organic garden veggies from Under the Nile are on sale for only $4.50 each - how smart were they to have made these veggies so loveable and cuddly?!

Need to keep brother away? Lure him to the other room with this great dump truck by Sprig - made from a combination of wood and recycled materials, phthalate free and does not use paint - on sale for only $12!!

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