Thursday, January 7, 2010

FREE travel guides... Downloadable + Mailable!

If you are starting to plan a Spring or Summer vacation, HERE is a great resource for some FREE travel guides for various states... rooooaaaaad triiiiip! I've always wanted to take a road trip down to the Grand Canyon and make fun stops along the way, like the Great Salt Lake, Four Corners, Mesa, Arizona, then swing back up through California and visit Yosimite and the giant Redwoods on the way back home to Oregon! It would probably require a 2-week vacation approval for my husband though, so not happening anytime soon. Some of the guides offer a downloadable version so you can get it right away, and also can save some paper. Although, when you are going on vaca, I usually prefer the printed version so I can have it on hand if I'm going somewhere digital communication is not as reliable or guaranteed! Although, I was sort of disappointed that Oregon and Washington were not on the list!
Click HERE to go to their site

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