Friday, January 15, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt in January!

We knew that Gertie has been laying her eggs in the window well in the back of our house, but I happened across a cute little nest in the bushes, where our green egg layers seem to prefer over the chicken coop boxes! They had made a cute little nest out of fallen needles - it looked like a little fairy tale nest with the green eggs and foliage around it! Here is a picture - sorry it's sideways and the flash sort of washed out the color of the eggs. They are naturally green-shelled from our Americana mutt chickens... the picture at the bottom shows the color a little better in the middle. I'll have to do the water test to see how old they are! This is also so funny because the picture I used for my previous post for the Dr. Seuss book deal was "Green Eggs and Ham!"

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