Saturday, January 16, 2010

Grocery Outlet = Organic Grocery Deal Discoveries!

If you have a Grocery Outlet near you - check it out! They have a TON of Organic options there at really low prices - I brought home 6 full bags of food, mostly Organic, for only $33.63... that amount of food items would have cost over $60, maybe even $80 at New Seasons of Whole foods, etc.! The bummer is that they DON'T accept coupons (too bad because I have coupons for many of the items I saw there, and would have made a few items only $0.25, or even free!), but that's okay because many of the items I bought were still less than they would be WITH a coupon elsewhere!
I stopped in to kill time while my husband was in Harbor Freight Tools (another great place for bargains, BTW! Check out my blog post about their printable coupons HERE!) because I have never been in a Grocery Outlet and have always been curious (Safeway and New Seasons are both only about 2 miles down the road from me, so it never made sense to make a special trip over there), but now that I've seen the savings in person, I will definitely be back! I always pictured it as a place for dented cans and foods nearing or past their shelf date, but I was wrong! Here are a few of the items I got...

Stonyfield Yo Baby 6-pack Organic yogurt - $1.49 (for the 6-pack!! Usually would be over $3)
Cascadian Farm box of Organic Granola Bars - $0.99 (Usually, these are $3.99!)
Santa Cruz 4-pack sparkling iced tea - $1.99 (usually $3.99)
Organic Ice Cream Cones - $0.99 (usually $2.99+)
5-lb bag of Gala apples - $3.99 (usually, that is the price for a 3-lb bag!!)
3-lb bag of bananas - $1.99 (good deal here too - usually nanners are $0.79 - $1/lb!)
2-lb bag of O-organics carrots $1.50 (usually around $3 - this is Safeway's organic brand!)
Immaculate Baking Co. All Natural refrigerated cookie dough - $1.99! (usually over $3!)
Hansen's all-natural juice box 3-pack for kids - $0.99 (usually $1.99 - $2.99)
Minute Maid 100% Juice pack of juice boxes - $0.99 (reg $1.99 - $2.99)
Simply Asia noodle bowl $0.79 (usually around $2 or more each)
Thai Kitchen soups $0.50 (usually $1 - $2 each)
Bamboo mixing spoon - $0.99 (in a kitchen store, would probably be $3 - $6!)
Seattle Organics lavender hand soap - large, re-fill size for only $3.99 (usually over $8 for this large refill bottle of certified organic soap!)

... I got a few more things, but these were the surprising ORGANIC bargains I scored! I couldn't really get refrigerated items because I didn't know when we'd be home (I did buy the cookie dough though!), but there were a TON of organic and non-organic soy milk, rice milk, butter, cheese, etc. options there!
So, if you have a Grocery Outlet somewhere in your town, it's worth the trip over there to check it out!
p.s. I thought the bathroom would be grody like at the dollar store, but it was clean and pleasant! I was traumatized one time after using the dollar store bathroom - never again. But, rest assured, that the Milwaukie, Oregon Grocery Outlet's bathroom is clean! ... AND, there is a Harbor Freight Tools next door for hubby!

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