Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Speak out about Genetically Engineered Alfalfa!

Please take a moment to go HERE, to Organic Valley's website and read about the USDA's plan to possibly allow Monsanto's Roundup-Ready Alfalfa into Organic food sources! I am outraged about this - God made alfalfa the way it is - it's not supposed to be genetically altered so that when they spray Round-Up and other gross chemicals on it, it wont die. A side note: if you do research on Monsanto the company, you will find that they are a very dangerous company, and I do not trust them. So, click HERE to go to Organic Valley's website and read about this upcoming USDA change that can have a major effect on Organic food.
Things like this make me even more glad we made the move to more property so we can have our own garden and be more self-sufficient.

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