Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Weekly Green Tip #11

Tip #11 - Kids grocery store pretend play for FREE!   
Another idea for Repurposing Hidden Gems - two for the price of one!
This will save you money on buying new toys for the kids: save your packaging to stock their play store shelves!  Cereal boxes and granola bar boxes work really well for this because they usually retain their shape.  Just save the nice boxes when you have finished eating the contents, tape the top (or opening) back up again and VOILA... here you go kids, go play store!  We have been trying to be more aware of the things we buy that also come with a bunch of unnecessary packaging that will just fill our trash and recycle bins.  I love trying to come up with ideas to reuse some of the packaging before just burning it or tossing it in the recycle bin or trash.  I've seen some pretty lame-looking cardboard pretend store play items for purchase at toy stores that are surprisingly expensive!  If you repurpose your packaging, it's like getting two items for the price of one!  I have 5 boxes of oatmeal that I bought for FREE at Albertsons (click HERE for my post about that) that will be so cute on my daughter's pretend store shelf!
My daughter loves to play store, and she received a neat wood shopping cart for her birthday, making store play even more fun!  She is so funny - I caught her with some of my coupons, using them at her pretend checkout stand... just like Mommy!  Smart girl.

Stay tuned for tip #12!


packaging supplier said...

It is a nice and wise idea for saving money buying new toy boxes for kids. Recycle packaging happily fulfills the task of reusing them as store boxes for kids making them happy and smiling.

Gina said...

Great idea! I don't have any kids, but I always try to repurpose stuff or at least reuse it – jars for example. Unfortunately, my collection has grown too much and I have to start throwing them away! I know, it's hard to believe, but glass is not recycled in this community.

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