Friday, October 1, 2010

$31 (or less!!) for $70 worth of Tegu magnetic+wood building sets!

** This deal is over now, but Click here to go to Tegu's site anyways, because I think their blocks are so cool!**

UPDATE: It is down to only $28 now (5pm on 10/2), and we still have a full day and a half to go before the deal closes - score!  I'm hoping for it to end at $25 or less!

These are sooooo cool ...and, *sigh*, soooo expensive! But, the Tegu magnetic wood blocks are on Jasmere today (10/1/2010) through Sunday (10/3/2010), so you can pay "only" $31 but get a $70 voucher for your Tegu purchase! I love toys that get kids to be creative the old fashioned way (these have magnets in them, so it's a modern spin on the classic wood block!).
The neat thing about Jasmere is that the more people who buy, the lower the price! So, later today, the price may only be $30 or $28, or whatever! At the end of the sale, you pay whatever the lowest price ends up being, not the price that you bought at! Cool! Click here to go to Jasmere and sign up to get in on this awesome deal and get that price lowered for me! : )

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