Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pay $15 (or $10!) for $30 credit to Pouch Pals reusable sandwich/snack bags!

Today only (9/26/2010), on Plum District, if you change the "district" to Boston, you can snag an awesome deal on reusable fabric sandwich bags - pay only $15 for a $30 voucher to their online store!  BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE - if you are a new sign-up at PlumDistrict, you get a free $5 credit towards your first purchase (must use your free $5 within the first 7 days of signing up), so you'd pay only $10 for $30!!!  Don't worry about "Boston", you use the voucher code Plum District will provide to you to use online at Pouch Pals' website like a coupon code.  For future deals, you can change the city back to your most local city to see if there is a local deal.  These bags are super cool - washable fabric for the kids or husband's lunch sandwich!  Click here to get in on the deal today (9/26/2010 only)!


Bringing Basics Back tip:  Reduce use of plastic baggies.  I have been slowly reducing my use of plastic bags and seran wrap.  For snacks on-the-go, or to pack my husband's lunch for work, I use a fabric bag similar to the ones above, or unbleached wax paper baggies, or BPA-Free snack trap cups found at baby stores & Toys R Us.  For freezing, I line the plastic freezer storage bag with unbleached wax paper, and then put the food in it, to reduce the contact my food makes to the plastic.  I do still use seran wrap when I am going to a potluck and need the food to stay put or not spill in the car, since I know I will be removing it within an hour or so.  : )


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