Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Snapware Glass storage at Costco + booklet coupon savings!

I just bought the 18-pc Snapware Glasslock set from Costco, and it was only $23.99 with the $6 coupon that is in this month's Costco coupon booklet!  Reg. price without the coupon is $29.99; still a cheaper price than around $34 - $50 this 18-pc set normally sells for... so, this is a great deal!  It has square and round shapes of multiple sizes and the lid has snap-closures on the sides, so you don't have to press down on and burp the top  - who wants their storage burping at them anyways?!

I just used them for leftovers, and I like them!  I only wish they were oven safe, so that I could bake in them and then just snap on the lid without transferring the leftovers like the pyrex ones I have with lids.  They are dishwasher and freezer safe, so those are definite pluses that *maybe* will make me forget that they are not oven safe (they are also microwave safe, but we got rid of our micro about a year and a half ago and don't miss it!!).  The lid is BPA-Free plastic and snaps on pretty easily, and the vessel portion is glass... I noticed after I bought them that they are made in Korea though : ( .

Hurry - I'm not sure when the coupon booklet expires because I can't find mine and I think I remember now that they (unintentionally) confiscated it from me at checkout stand with this coupon, but I'm sure it ends soon!


Bringing Basics Back tip:  Use glass instead of plastic for storage.  I have recycled or donated almost all of my tupperware storage and am replacing the collection with the glass "good twin".  I am just weary of plastic now since studies have shown that they can leach toxic cancer-causing chemicals, such as BPA, into your food.  I did recently "buy" some ziplock brand freezer jam storage tubs because they ended up being free after coupons, but I only did so because I noticed a big label on the packaging, "BPA FREE!" - yay!  Even the plastics that say BPA Free, I try to avoid because plastic is such an unnatural substance, it just creeps me out.


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