Friday, December 11, 2009

Be prepared for a BRRRRRR, Winter Surprise!

Be sure that you are stocked up and prepared for an unexpected, overnight freezeover, or flash dump of snow!

I'd recommend going tonight if possible to the store and stock up on the food basics that can last you for a few days if tonight, the snow starts to fall!

FOOD: Things like milk, eggs, juice, fresh fruit & veggies are great, but also be sure to stock up on things that do not need to be refrigerated or do not need preparing, in case of a power outage - things like cereal, canned and boxed food, fresh fruit like bananas, apples, etc., and a couple gallons of emergency water. Don't forget to have a manual can opener! I like to avoid canned food because of the chance of BPA leaching into the food, BUT I do like to have it in case of an emergency. Bulk foods such as rice, beans, etc. are also great to have that only require water and a source of heat to cook. Having a camp stove as backup would be a great addition.

Cat Litter:
For your walkway - helps to create grip for your feet to reduce slipping, and also offer a slight de-icing effect!

Source of light:
Flashlights, candles, etc. and don't forget matches!

Source of warmth:
Blankets, electric heater, even those little pocket heat packs you can buy at sporting goods stores, that you just shake up for some warmth for your hands and toes, and if you have a fireplace, be sure you have wood to burn and matches or lighter!

For your car:
Buy some chains to keep in the trunk (be sure it is sized correctly for your tires! if you are unsure, have the salesperson help you), keep a blanket or two, plus a pair of gloves and warm hat in your car in case of a breakdown!

Also, check out my Emergency Preparedness tab for more ideas and info that may be helpful to you!
Stay warm out there!
Am I forgetting anything?!

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