Monday, December 7, 2009

The Weekly Green - Tip 3

Tip #3 - LED Christmas Lights - not only are they cool looking, they provide many benefits over the older style bulbs. LED lights are a lot more energy efficient than the old style lights - most of them tout a 90% efficiency over the old! This will save you money in the short term on your energy bill over the holidays, and will add one more check on your list of things you can do to reduce energy waste. The new LED lights will also save you money in the long run because they have a longer life than the traditional bulb, so it will be many years before you have to replace them. They are also more durable than the thin plastic-encased bulbs and are a LOT more durable than traditional glass-encased bulbs... plus, they don't have the fragile filament, and no fragile tube. They are resistant to hot and cold temperatures and they are also not hot to the touch, so they are safer around kids and animals, and reduces the chance of a fire caused by the lights. They are also less expensive this year than in the past! So, don't feel so bad about replacing those old dullies, even if they're still in good working order, in favor of these bright new-fangled contraptions!

Stay tuned next week for Tip #4!

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