Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Help Find the cure for Frozen Beaks

Oh the joys of being a backyard chicken mother hen. There is always something new to learn! This morning when I went down to look for some more edible treasures (so excited that they started laying eggs last week!), I found that their water was frozen... IN the chicken coop! Poor cold chickens. There are 20 of them, so they do keep each other warm in a huddle at night, but we're going to have to figure something out. I brought a sleeping bag down there and wrapped the waterer in that after putting hot water inside to melt the water. Hopefully the sleeping bag will provide some insulation in the mean time, but I bet when I go down there tomorrow morning, I'll find it on the other end of the coop all pooped on and picked at.
I think I've seen a solar-powered heater for livestock waterers, etc. Hmmm, I wonder how much that costs. I'll have to figure out the most frugally creative solution... or maybe just a heater for the coop that would be safe enough for flying wood chips when they scratch and flutter around in there, and one without things they'll want to peck at or pull on.
Any ideas for me?

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Katie Sparkles said...

My mom always hung a heat lamp from the ceiling of her coop. No chance of it falling over and catching fire or anything. worked pretty good.

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