Monday, December 21, 2009

The Weekly Green - Tip 5

Tip #5 - Cash For Clunkers - Recycling your old electronics!
Need some cash after all that holiday spending?  Have some un-used, unwanted and maybe even outdated electronics laying around that need a new home?  Or, maybe you just want to downsize your lifestyle, going "back to basics", and want to get rid of your electronics?  Well, you're in luck - there are some sites out there that will take these old electronics off your hands and give you some cash in return!  Old cell phones, iPods, Palm Pilots, LCD screens, gadgets, computers and more!

Gazelle They will pay for your shipping!  Just go to their site, search for your gadget and they'll tell you how much your item is worth & you’ll receive a check or gift card in about a week after your items are received at Gazelle.  They also offer a program called "Gazelle for Good" where they will donate the cash to your cause!  They are also a Green Certified site!

  EZtradein They will also pay for your shipping!  Just go to their site, register for an account, find the value for your gadget, send it it and you’ll get paid within about a week through PayPal.

Best Buy, Costco and Walmart also have a trade-in program where you will get a gift card for that company (Costco has partnered with Gazelle and the others have their own program).
Stay tuned next week for Tip #6

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