Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hello Homeschooling in 2010!

So far, the plan is for me to homeschool my daughter for preschool, beginning this next fall, so I'm on the hunt for some frugal finds... starting NOW so I can feel prepared - it will definitely be an adventure for me with juggling that with my daughter and my baby/toddler son - we'll see what happens. Here are some deals I've spied so far to get some materials for cheap(ish) and even FREE...

Barnes & Noble has this deal going on (you can click on the picture to go to their site) where you can get 10 free music downloads with textbook purchase + free shipping:
Cheap textbooks, FREE tunes.  Get 10 free music downloads with any textbook purchase.

CurrClick is an EXCELLENT resource, dedicated to homeschooling. They have a TON of reasonably-priced digital learning/teaching books, and even a TON of FREE downloads too! Right now, the FREE download is all about snow, geared towards Kindergarten age kids, but could be modified for other ages too!

There is a coupon HERE for $4 off any Tag reading system book, $5 off any LeapFrog Leapster learning game, $2 off any Tag Jr. book! To find the coupons fast, click on the "entertainment" section on the left hand side.

The Discovery Channel Store has a ton of DVDs on sale right now too, including the Planet Earth series for 50% off! They have cool DVDs about the human anatomy, and learning "toys" like microscopes, etc. Click HERE to go to the Discovery Channel Store DVD Sale page!
Discovery Paper Recycling StudioWe bought this cool homemade/recycled papermaking kit from Discovery store and made some cute ornaments out of it - it was a really fun activity! I plan on bringing it back out with some of my future "lessons"! It's on sale for $17.47, which is a great deal! The instructions tell you to soak the paper for a couple hours, but I found it takes much longer for it to create the pulp.

I just found this company that has a ton of reference guide sheets (the sturdy, laminated kind) of all sorts of subjects from anatomy to food! Click HERE to go to their site! One of their brain anatomy sheets is pictured to the right ---->

Another place for some great products and ideas that may be able to help me out on my homeschooling adventure is Child Craft - they have EVERYTHING from reading materials to games to crafts... and even products specifically designed for teachers = ME!  Click HERE to go to their site - it looks like they will soon be expanding their book library as well!

If you are in Oregon, I found a great website with resources including how to adhere to the state and national standards for grade levels - click HERE

Wish me luck in my adventure! Any tips for me as a beginning homeschooling mom with a preschooler and baby/toddler on deck?

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Nicki said...

You might like www.homeschoolshare.com and www.learningpage.com. I've been using Learning Page for YEARS for their free units and printables for young kids. You can visit my blog for others: www.400things.blogspot.com. LOVE your blog!

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