Saturday, December 26, 2009

Right On, Rite Aid! Week of 12/27 Organic deals and more!

Before you go, print off the $5 off $25 from HERE - if you don't see it, enter zip code 97269, PLUS, if you watch 20 videos on their Video Values website HERE, you can get another coupon for $5 off $20, and my RiteAid allows you to use both in one transaction!
Rite Aid offers cash rebates for purchasing certain items, called a Single Check Rebate ("SCR"). It will be mailed to you when you request it at the end of the month in the form of a check that you can deposit into your bank account, or use it for purchases at RiteAid like a coupon. They are easy to submit - just enter a few numbers from the top of your receipt into their online system!
***UPDATED*** Found more deals as I looked at the ad again this morning!

Renpure Organics shampoo/conditioner - BOGO (usually are $6.99 ea)
- your $3 Video Values from last month (no longer avail.)
= 2/$3.99

Organix shampoo/conditioner - BOGO, David Babaii - BOGO, Giovanni hair care - BOGO

Burts Bees Acne Solutions
- $2 SCR
- $2 coupon from HERE

Soy Joy bars 5/$3 
- $3 SCR on 5 = 5 FREE
- $1/5 coupon from HERE = $1 moneymaker
or, buy 10 and use your $2/10 coupon from back in October = $1 for 10 bars!
(plus qualifies towards the rebate #44, buy $30 of participating products for a $5 Rite Aid gift card)

Natural Dentist mouth rinse
- $2 SCR (you can claim 2 of these)
- $1 coupon from HERE

lil Critters gummy vitamins - BOGO (my daughter actually ASKS to take her vitamins!)

Oral-B Cross Action power toothbrush $5
- $2 SCR
- $3 coupon from this Sunday's paper

Benevia 4-pack nutritional drinks BOGO @ $6.99
- $5 off coupon from HERE
- $2 Video Value Rewards
= 2 FREE

Lindt and/or Ghiradelli - 2/$5
- $1 SCR
- $1 coupon from old insert (not sure how old it was from!)

Kashi cereal & Special K cereal - 2/$5
There are many Special K coupons:
$1 off Blueberry Special K from HERE
$1 off 2 Speckial K from HERE
$1.50/3 Kelloggs from HERE
+ Save $1.50 off your favorite store coffee with purchase of 3 Kelloggs from HERE
$0.50 off your favorite fresh fruit with Special K purchase from HERE

Arm & Hammer baking soda $0.59
- I could have sworn I had a $0.50 coupon for this but couldn't find it - you might have one?

in-ad coupon for $2 off
$0.50 in today's P&G insert

Pampers diapers Jumbo pack $8.99
- $2 in today's P&G insert
= $6.99

Always pads: Clean 24-28ct, Infinity 28-36ct or Tampax Pearl tampons 18-20ct - $6.99
- $2 SCR (can only claim this once)
- BOGO coupon in today's P&G insert (there was one BOGO coupon for each of the 3 listed above!)
= 2/$4.99

Duracell, Bounty, Charmin, Tide, Pringles - Buy $25 worth, get a $5 RiteAid rebate
Charmin coupons HERE
Tide coupons HERE
Duracell coupons HERE
Charmin, Bounty and Tide coupons in today's P&G insert
there have also been several coupons in past newspaper inserts for all of the above, and a $1/4 Pringles coupon

A TON of BOGO vitamins - some with high-value coupons like the Flex-a-min and Osteo-Flex - many coupons available from HERE
Sneaky tip: with BOGO sales at RiteAid, you can use 2 coupons - one for each product purchased, even though one of them is free.  So, it is like buying 2 for the price of one, minus the 2 coupon values! 
(plus many of the vitamins qualify towards the rebate #44, buy $30 of participating products for a $5 Rite Aid gift card)

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