Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Earth's Best Diapers deal - $1.50 per pack!

Starting the 1st, Babies R Us/Toys R Us will have their Earth's Best diapers on sale for only $5!!! There is a limit to how many you can buy - only 3 - and it runs until the 3rd only.
You think that is a great deal, well it gets better... in last Sunday's paper, they had an in-store coupon for $2 off diapers including Earth's Best, and there is a PDF with the coupon HERE (expires the 2nd) + there is another $1.50 coupon HERE at Earth's Best site! Earth's Best diapers are Chlorine Free, so are better for your lil one's tooshie, and better for when it comes time to dispose of it!
= only $1.50!!!

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