Tuesday, December 1, 2009

5 FREE Disney Movie Rewards points!

Log in to your Disney Movie Rewards account today 12/1/09 and enter in "HOLIDAY" for 5 free points! There will be a total of 125 free points this month - I'll post each code daily! If you haven't signed up for the Disney Movie Rewards and you own newer Disney movies and you plan on purchasing more, it is worth it to sign up because you can earn free gifts with the Magic Code points you accumulate! If you buy a new Disney movie, flip it over and be sure it has the symbol I have pictured above and it should say Magic Code or Movie Rewards - some of the older movies still out there on the store shelves don't have the Magic Code inside, and you need to have the little sheet of paper inside the movie case with the code on it to get the points! They do allow you to send in the Proof of Purchase and the original receipt and they will credit your account if you have bought the movie within the dates they list on their site if it didn't come with a magic code... but that requires that you have actually kept the receipt for this long - um, not me! So, I have some movies that qualify even though they don't have the code, but I don't have the receipt. So, if you have your receipt, you're in luck!

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