Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Seventh Generation Coupons!

Go on over HERE and sign up for their newsletter, and you can get access to their coupons - most of them are high-value, $1 or $2 coupons = much needed with their products, and an extra bonus when you can score the products on sale!
They just came out with dishwasher detergent pods (like the Electrosol tabs) and I just tried them for the first time and they work just as well and don't have the harmful chemicals! (side-note: Safeway brand gel tabs don't contain phosphates = another alternative to Electrosol!) There is a $2 off any 2 Seventh Generation products that I used at New Seasons Market, and ALSO, there was a peelie coupon for another $2 off any 2 products on the training pants, so I also grabbed a dishwasher Rinse Aid, so, I basically got $1 off each item! So, keep your eyes "peeled" for those peelies on thie products! (also on thier site are $1 off 1 product coupons!)

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