Friday, December 4, 2009

FREE Shipping on all orders @ Discovery Store!

Free Shipping starts TODAY on all orders, with code FREESHIP from 12/4 - 12/6! Also, you will get 5% cash back from ebates click here or 5% cash back from Shop At Home (click here) if you go there first and find Discovery Store on their sites!

There are so many learning opportunities with the gifts from Discovery store, for home schooling as your educational curriculum, or for home schooling while just being a mom (we are constantly teaching!)! They have this really cool homemade paper maker (it's called the Paper Recycling Studio) that I have for my daughter that is really fun for her to watch the process and we use paper scraps from around the house! You can also make homemade, thick paper ornaments because it comes with forms to make a shaped paper - one of them is a star shape - so cute! You can make an easy picture ornament out of it by making 2 stars and use one as the "back" of the frame, then trace the star onto the photo you want to use and cut it out and glue it on... then, with the 2nd star, cut any shape you want in the middle of it (even a smaller version of the star) and glue that on top of the photo to frame the photo. Then, punch a hole at the top, tie a ribbon through the hole, and you're done!

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