Thursday, November 12, 2009

Buy 2, Get 2 Yankee Candles = Emergency Chic!

The next power outage or emergency, you don't want to be without candles for lighting. Instead of buying the traditional emergency-type candles that just sit in your emergency kit, why not buy candles you'll actually use in the meantime, cycling through your stockpile (using oldest first) and buying more when your stock is old (just like your canned food) so that you never have something "too old" on your shelf. Not only that, sometimes during a power outage, you feel put out, but with a pleasant smell, it wouldn't seem so bad, Emergency Chic! Even if not Yankee Candles, I would recommend having some sort of candles ready for an emergency (even if that emergency for you is last-minute guests, rather than a natural disaster)
Plus, these glass jars are great to re-purpose after the candle is gone and turn it into a craft jar for all those buttons!

Buy 2, Get 2 FREE promotion at Yankee Candle:
To shop online, go here
To shop at your local store (in most malls), here is a printable coupon I saw on hip2save!

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