Saturday, November 14, 2009

Nuisance Needles turned Wonderful Walkway!

We have this HUGE pine tree that drops most of it's needles in the fall (right now!), and they get all over the place!  I stole this AWESOME idea from a picture I saw of Jens Jensen's work (Jens is a legendary landscape architect who focuses on keeping things looking as natural as possible and enhancing natural features) where you can use layers and layers of needles for your pathway instead of purchasing bark dust!  I love being able to use what I already have.  It looks so beautiful with the golden coloring, and if you layer it on thick enough, it is also a natural weed barrier! Since our tree is so huge, I'll probably have most of my pathway done this winter when it finishes shedding the needles, but it might take you 2 needle drop seasons or so if you have only a small tree. I loved this idea! The picture is of Jens' work at Martha Stewart's home with the golden needle pathway - here is a link to more photos of Jens awesome work at that property -

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RaeBee said...

What a great idea! We have tons of needles that get carted to the burn pile every year. I just need to convince hubby to stop raking and start making paths! Love your blog and can't wait to explore all the different links.

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