Thursday, November 19, 2009

Organic/Natural Thanksgiving Coupons!

Make it a goal this year to try to make most of your Thanksgiving local (less than 100 miles away) and/or Organic/Natural or with as many natural ingredients as possible!  Try to resist the urge to buy for convenience, and opt for health whenever possible (I do admit that I have cheated a few times with the baby and toddler both cranky at the same time!). Here are some coupons available out there to help you make Thanksgiving Organic!  Some of them you must sign up first to gain access to their printable coupons.

If you are vegetarian, Tofurky makes some yummy stuffed "Tofurkey" meals!  here is a picture of that - I've tried them and they are pretty good!

Alexia - $0.75 off Spicy Sweet Potato Fries
Brown Cow - $0.50 Yogurt
Horizon - $0.55 off butter click HERE, ... $1/2 Eggs, click HERE and enter zip 90210 and look for the eggs!
Mori-Nu Silken Tofu - $1/2 click HERE and scroll down
Newman's Own - $1/2 Dressings, Marinades, Pasta Sauces, Salsas, Popcorns or drinks
Organic Prairie - TURKEY! - $1 off frozen, $1 off fresh 
Organic Valley - LOTS OF COUPONS HERE! - $1/1 milk, $1/1 Eggs, $1/1 cheese, $1/1 butter, $1/1 Heavy Whipping Cream, $1/1 sour cream or cream cheese, $1/1 soy milk. $1/1 Neufchatel
Pacific Foods - Save $1/any two, $1/1 14.5oz canned soup, $1/1 Hemp Milk or Hazelnut Chocolate - They have Chicken Broth, Pot Pies, Soups, beverages and more!
Purely Decadent Coconut ice cream - $1/1 click HERE and click on foods
RW Knudsen - $1/1 Juice
Santa Cruz - $0.75/1 Sparkling beverage, $0.75/1 peanut butter
Simply Organic -$0.50 to $1 off Baking Mix, Seasoings, Spices, Vanilla and more!
Tofurky - $0.55 click HERE and scroll down

Let me know if you find more out there?!

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