Sunday, November 8, 2009

Family Movie Night * *Double Feature!* *

Although it is fun to go out to the Theater for a family date night, it can get expensive quick!  How about a movie night IN?!  For about $10 - $30 (depending on DVD or BluRay and which movie it is!), you can buy the movie and popcorn & candy for cheaper than just one night at the Theater, and still keep the movie for future enjoyment!  It's fun for the kids if you make a big deal out of it with buttered popcorn and candy and you can make up little paper tickets to get in (they don't have to be fancy!), and wait until everyone is sitting down and ready to watch together before starting the movie (and let the kids stay up late as a treat!).  Or, get even more special with a theme night where you dress up for your Night In, or make it "Dinner and a Movie"!

There are a lot of good deals this week with Disney movies - here is one of them where you could possibly score a "Double Feature" for the price of one with Disney's Up and Monsters, Inc. at Target ...
You will want to price match with Best Buy, so bring in a Best Buy ad from today's paper with you to Target...
Match these prices: Up Blu-Ray Combo pack $23.99 + Monsters Inc. Blu-Ray $18.99 =$42.98
Use the $10 Up and Monsters, Inc. Target coupon from here
Plus, use the $8 off Monsters, Inc. coupon from here: IE or Firefox
= ONLY $12.49 ea.

PLUS, you can get $5 more back if you buy 2 Kernel Seasons products, info HERE to make your popcorn taste like the theater's (Kernel Seasons uses REAL cheese and NO MSG! - I know they have them at Safeway & Target).

PLUS, you can get ANOTHER $5 back if you buy 2 Birds Eye Voila frozen meals products, info HERE ... you make it "dinner and a movie"! So, if you do all of the above, you would be getting them for only $7.45 each!  So, save your reciepts!  Both rebate offers say that a photocopy of the receipt is ok.  (the Birds Eye website also has a $1 coupon button, and there was ALSO a $1 coupon in today's SmartSource)
PLUS, you could get ANOTHER $4 back if you buy 2 pasta products, info HERE!

Not sure how many "Proof of Purchase" tabs the Up DVD will have, but if you want to take advantage of all the deals, the Kernel Seasons promo also includes Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs, Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure, Santa Buddies or UP on Disney Blu-ray™ or DVD, so if you already own one of the others listed and still have the receipt to photocopy, you could send that Proof of Purchase tab instead, so you could get tall 3 rebates if there aren't enough Proof of Purchase tabs from Up! So, if you are able to do all of the above, you would be getting them for only $5.45 each!  if I'm doing the math right?  : )

P.S. Another movie option: Fred Meyer has a coupon in TODAY's paper for EXTRA 15% OFF CDs and DVDs, plus there is a promotion for "Buy 2, get 1 free" select Sony and Warner Bros. DVDs, including GOONIES - yes!

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