Monday, November 30, 2009

FREE + Great Deals on Homeschooling Resources

We are beginning to plan our home schooling adventure with my daughter, who will be preschool age next year! I am new to homeschooling and it is hard to know where to begin! If you are in Oregon, I found a great website with resources including how to adhere to the state and national standards for grade levels - click HERE. For everyone (not just Oregonians!), I also found this cool website called CurrClick, who have a plethora of learning and teaching materials for us mommies! They have a ton of rotating FREE downloadable curriculum materials, and TODAY, for Cyber Monday, they have a Night At The Museum curriculum book for FREE that can accompany the movie and highlights the history behind the characters in the museum, leads them to explore some of the artifacts in the museum, leads biography writing activities and more! Materials like that one make it so much more fun to learn when you can pair it up with one of their favorite movies that is also semi-educational! Click HERE to go to CurrClick's site! Happy Homeschooling!!!

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