Monday, November 9, 2009

Organic or Natural-ingredient coupons available to print!

Although it doesn't compare to last week, there are some coupons available for products that are a wee bit more "green", or use natural or organic ingredients... - using zip 97086
$2 Burts Bees Acne solutions
BOGO Steaz Organic Iced Tea
$1 Truvia natural Stevia sweetener
$2 True Lemon (lemonade mix that uses stevia)
$1 Welches grape juice
$0.75 Del Monte Pineapple (the real whole fruit, not the canned!)
$2 Huggies (can be used on Huggies Naturals)
$2 GE compact fluorescent light bulb - for Target only
$0.50 Tetley Tea
$0.55 Pillsbury Simply cookie dough
...use zip 01085 and these additional items appear:
$1 Newmans Own Pizza
$1 Kiss My Face product
$3 off $15 purchase at RiteAid
...use zip 90210 and these additional items appear:
$1 Foster Farms lunch meat tub
$1/2 Foster Farms lunch meats
$2/4 So Delicious Coconut Milk yogurt
$1 Purely Decadent ice cream - coconut or soy
$1 Kiss My Face product
$5 off $25 purchase at RiteAid
...use zip 77477 and this one appears:
$1 Snapple 6-pack - enter in zip 90210
$5 off $25 purchase at RiteAid
$1 Fillipo Berio Olive Oil
$0.50 Florida Crystals Organic Sugar
$1 Truvia Stevia sweetener
$1 Arrowhead spring water
various coupons for S&W brand beans - use zip 97015
$1/2 Kikkoman products
$0.55 Pillsbury Simply cookie dough
$1 Mellita coffee filters (they have an unbleached paper version)
$1 Simple Green cleaning product
$1 Wholly Guacamole or Salsa

In the SmartSource insert in yesterday's paper, there was also a coupon for:
FREE Smart Balance sour cream with purchase of a Smart Balance buttery spread + combo it with the $1 off Smart Balance buttery spread from the SmartSource insert from a couple weeks ago!

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