Friday, November 20, 2009

Right On, Rite Aid! Got $67.98 of product for only $2.61

I finally made it to RiteAid last night (had hubby stay with the kids - they are a handful at the store right now at their age stages!) so I can focus on the task at hand - saving our family money so I can remain a stay-at-home mommy!  

I have a funny story from my trip: When I handed the cashier my card to compare signature, she was like, "Oh, I don't need to see that - I remember you", which was weird because I have never had her as a cashier, and then she said, "there are two of you who come in, but the other lady has a huge tupperware bin full of coupons!" so, I asked her, "So, you remember me as the crazy coupon girl?!" and she giggled and said, "Not crazy, but I am always amazed at you guys when the total comes to around $100 but then you only end up paying $25!"  Well, happy to say, I MADE IT OUT under $20 out of pocket (the total would have been $67.98 and I paid $17.30) and after SCR, I will have only paid $2.61!
Just a reminder, "SCR" stands for Single Check Rebate, which is RiteAid's easy online cash rebate system, go HERE!  When you get your check, you can either deposit it, or use it directly at RiteAid.  Also, you can earn coupons from their Video Values - just watch commercials! (I am usually not actually watching - I do something else while they run, but you have to pay attention because they make you enter a code within 25 sec after it stops!) - click HERE.

This is what I scored:
**3 boxes of Cheerios on sale 2/$5 (2 honeynut - used my $1/2 coup + 1 MultiGrain - used my $0.75/1 coup + RiteAid Video Rewards - Save $1/3) =  
was $7.50/3...  I Scored for: $4.75/3 ($1.58 ea)
**OralB Stages toothbrush $3.49 ($1/1 coup + $1 SCR)
was $3.49...  I Scored for: $1.49 which was cheaper than their RiteAid brand version, otherwise I probably wouldn't have bought it even at that price
**Kotex Pads on sale for $2.99 (used my $1/1 coup + $2 SCR) =   
was $2.99...  I Scored for:FREE
**3 Renuzit Adjustable air fresheners on sale for $0.99ea (used buy 2, get 1 free coup + $1/3 coup + will get $1/2 SCR) =  
was $3.97...  I Scored 3 for: FREE
**2 GE Energy Smart CFL lightbulbs on sale 2/$4 (used my $1/1, will get $2/2 SCR) =  
was $2...  I Scored 2 for: $1 ($0.50 ea)
**2 Glade Soy Candles $3.19ea (used my BOGO coup + my $3/1 coup) =  
was $6.38...  I Scored 2 for: $0.19 ($0.08 ea)
**1 Crest Whitening with Scope $2.69 (used my $0.75/1 + $2.69 SCR =  
was $2.69...  I Scored for: FREE + I'll make $0.75
**1 SpinBrush Toothbrush - was $8.99, on sale for $5.99 (used my $2/1 coup + $2 SCR) =  
was $8.99...  I Scored for: $1.99

Then, used my $5/$20 Video Rewards  -AND-  $5/$25 total purchase coupon (HERE) 
Out Of Pocket =$9.33 - $6.00 Single Check Rebate I got back in the mail = $3.33 out of pocket for me!! 
After SCR = I WILL MAKE $1.36! (NOT including my $6 SCR redemption because I already counted my $6 at the time I earned it, so, although I got to use it here, I actually counted it with my last shopping trip) (would have been $36.01, so I scored for 74% off!)

Then, in a second transaction, I got: 
**36pk Trojan Condoms $19.99 (used $2 Video Rewards + $5 SCR) =  
was $19.99...  I Scored for: $12.99
**2 Quilted Northern 12-pk TP was $10.99, on sale for $5.99ea (used 2 $1/1 coups + Video Rewards $5/2) =  
was $12.98/2...  I Scored 2 for: $5.98 ($2.99 ea)  

Then, used my $5/$25 total purchase coupon (HERE) 
Out Of Pocket = $23.97 - $10 RiteAid mail-in rebate gift card from a previous qualifying purchase = $13.97 out of pocket for me! 
After SCR = $13.97 (NOT including my $10 Gift Card reward redemption!  For me, the total is only $3.97!!!) (would have been $31.97, so I scored for 56% off!)

I did 2 transactions so I could use two $5/25 coupons!
My total was $3.97 for transaction #2 + (-$1.36) from transaction #1 = $2.61 (in my total, I lumped in my $10 gift card I got from qualifying purchases made from previous trip, since I did not count that $10 as savings on any previous shopping trip.  For you, your total would be $13.97 = still a GREAT DEAL!)  
So, make sure you clip and save all coupons even if you don't think you'll use them, and then also look online for more coupons to match up with the store's sale items before you go because you might be able to score a freebie!  If it's a product you don't use, you can donate it.

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