Thursday, November 26, 2009

Right On, Rite Aid! - Black Friday weekend!

I have been so busy - we got new carpet put into our basement and had to move furniture all around to get it done, so I've been slacking on deal seeking, but click HERE and she has a nice layout of the Rite Aid deals! PLUS, in my newspaper this morning (the Oregonian) in the A-main section, we have an extra coupon for a FREE 2-litre Pepsi with any $10 purchase, if you are a soda drinker... or need one for a holiday party!

UPDATE - 11/27: I'm going to RiteAid today to see what is still available! I hope I make it out alive - I hate crowds, but I think I can score a lot of freebies both for my family and for donations! I'll let you know what I find - but, if the lot is packed, I may just turn back around! : )

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