Saturday, November 7, 2009


Seeing a coupon for the Pillsbury "Simply" cookies (available on reminded me about how I like to keep cookie dough in the freezer for those Mommy Munchie Moments (and non-mommy curl-up-on-the-couch days!) when all you want is a cookie dough ball (or two... or three!)

I like to make cookie dough from scratch and then wrap it in non-bleached wax paper, then put it in a freezer bag - in the freezer it goes, ready for my munchie attack, or ready for some family fun in an instant!  This way, I REALLY know what is in the snack.  Most of those pre-made cookie doughs have a really long list of creepy ingredients, but if you do buy the store-bought kind, the new "Simply" ones don't.  So, I'd recommend that if you use a coupon for it since they are a wee bit more expensive than the original.  It's nice to have one of these in the freezer as a backup - you don't want to be caught without cookie dough when the munchies attack!  I've also seen at New Seasons and Whole Foods some cookie doughs that are vegan or non-dairy! Or, you can make vegan or non-dairy doughs yourself and freeze it!

I know cookie dough is not the most healthful choice, fruit is always better... but it's just not the same when you really crave that dough!  ; )

Heathy/Green Tip:
I use the non-bleached wax paper to contact my food directly instead of the plastic bag or saran wrap - it does not contain nasty chemicals that can leech into your food.  Also, look for recipes that don't contain eggs.  For those recipes with eggs: if you wash the egg before using it, you can reduce the chance of contamination since most of the time, the problems come from bacteria on the outside of the egg making it's way into the dough, not the raw egg itself.  If you have backyard chickens, you can use your "own" eggs!  But, don't scrub the egg until you are ready to use it becuase it can wear the shell down and increase the chance of bacteria making it's way INSIDE the egg!  It's okay to gently rinse them off after collecting them, but don't scrub them yet until ready to use them.

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