Tuesday, November 10, 2009

UP movie deal just got SWEETER!

The deals just keep getting sweeter for the Dinner and a Movie Double Feature idea (from my previous post)... Now Showing: Up and Monsters, Inc.! YET ANOTHER COUPON just got released for Up, this time from Disney!

First, you want to get the Best Buy ad from Sunday 11/8 and bring it in with you to Target to try to price-match these prices: Up Blu-Ray Combo pack $23.99 + Monsters Inc. Blu-Ray $18.99, and bring these coupons with you to TARGET:

Go here for a Disney-issued $10 off coupon

Go here IE, or here Firefox for a Disney-issued $8 off Monsters, Inc. coupon

Go here for a Target $10 off 2 BluRay DVDs

then, after your purchase, photocopy your reciepts and...

Go here for rebate for $5 off Up with 2 Kernel Seasons purchases (also valid on other DVD titles)

Go here for rebate for $5 off Up with 2 Birds Eye Voila frozen dinners

Go here for rebate for $4 off Up with pasta purchase

So, if you did all of this, you would have a total savings of $42!
(That's NOT including the savings if you got Target to price-match!)

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