Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Backyard Chickens provide nuggets of goodness!

Of course, chickens can provide you with daily (we hope!) eggs, but those aren't the only nuggets I was talking about! Not only are chickens a good source of food from eggs, they can also provide extra compost action to feed your garden!

Since chickens eat only organic matter, their poops are rich with nutrients for your garden. To collect the poops, I like to use the "deep litter method" for my chicken coop. I just let the poop pile up on the pine shavings and after about a month, I rake it into the base layer of pine shavings and add a little more clean shavings on top. Then in a month or two, I do this again! if you only have a few chickens, you can get away with only doing it every few months, depending on how big your coop is. I find that there is hardly any Coop Poop stink with this method, contrary to popular belief! If you do find it stinking, just add more fresh pine shavings on top. The magic part is that twice a year (or more, or less!) you can shovel it all out and put it on your compost pile! By next spring, you'll have a nutrient-rich compost for your other backyard edibles - your garden veggies!

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