Saturday, November 7, 2009

CLOTHING SWAPS! The Green way to shop!

Have you heard of 'em?  If not, it is such a cool way to revamp your (or your child's) wardrobe for FREE - yes, FREE!  The catch?  Bring some of your/their old clothes to swap!  It may turn out that another woman is getting rid of the exact item you need!  Not only is it frugal, it is also a GREEN way to shop because you are keeping the clothing in circulation - sort of a recycling action.  Plus, those lonely clothes in your closet need someone to wear them, or for them to wear!  Make those unworn clothes and shoes (and handbags, belts, kids clothes, and more) happy again and feed your shopping bug without spending a dime! 

For Portland, Oregon areas, click here to find out more info on just one swap collaboration site - there are so many more you can search for on craigslist or an online search in your area!

So, go ahead and shop your heart out without the buyers remorse!

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