Wednesday, November 4, 2009

There's BPA in THAT?! ACK!

Why is it that every time you turn the corner, you find out there is BPA in yet another thing that you've been using pretty much every day for years, and have also given to your children?!

First it was baby bottles, so I recycled those (some of the larger ones I kept as handy craft holders in my craft room for those small beads, gems and sequins!), then it was water bottles, so I bought a Nalgene bottle... well, then it was my Nalgene bottle with the BPA (which is now a handy-dandy pens holder that I can close so my toddler can't get into the pens!), then it was my Sigg bottle (EEEEK, that's the one I replaced my Nalgene with! Luckily, New Seasons took back my old one and replaced it with a new BPA-free version), and now it's the lining in canned food. Well, there goes my quick soup-for-dinner plan for a busy mom!

What is a mom to do, really?!! I can't do research on EVERYTHING in my house (crazy!), but I CAN grown my own food, and try to make more meals from scratch. Meals from scratch is like nails on the chalkboard for many busy moms but I've seen some great recipes that take NO time at all, or... even better... on the days you DO have time, you can whip up a bunch of meals and freeze them, ready to be heated back up or cooked in a pan pronto! In a pan that does not have the non-stick coating, of course! ; ) See my previous post on Rose Hips that can be added to so many recipes, or can be the main ingredient themselves. Check back again for posts about my canning experience with grapes!

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