Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ideas for your old bottles with BPA - Don't throw 'em away!

BPA seems to rear it's ugly head in many of the products we use every day! My previous post on the subject gave me the idea to share more crafty ideas to reuse these poison bottles instead of throwing them into the recycle bin (and especially instead of throwing them in the trash!) - why buy new items when you can reuse what you have?! If you have more ideas, I'd love to hear them!

Old Nalgene bottles
(the new ones don't contain BPA!)
-Pens holder
-Crayons holder
-Nails or screws, etc. holder
-A piggy bank
-Bows, barettes and ribbons holder
-Pebble collection holder

Plastic baby bottles
-Organize your craft room - all those little beads and sequins now have their own place!
-Teach your kids about the different coins and you can put the bottles in a row and put quarters in one, dimes in another, etc. and help them organize and match same coins
-Same as above but with other items, teaching about sorting and matching!

There are so many containers you can repurpose out there for non-food use!  My favorite is to organize my craft room with various containers like baby food jars, toddler puffs containers, etc. and you can put your own label on it to cover the front.

Hmmm, what else has BPA in it that we can repurpose? Comment your ideas!

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Anonymous said...

U coulduse the pretty ones as a vase?

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