Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sparkling Juice coupon for the Holidays... or, make your own!

WOW - Save $2 on one Bottle of Welch's Sparkling Juice or Juice Cocktail (any flavor, any package): IE or Firefox. Press your browser back button and you should be able to print two coupons per computer!
Sneaky tip - if you have more than one computer in your household, print 2 per computer!

Make your own! In this case, the coupon may just cover most of the purchase price, but if you have Juice and Sprite, or Juice and Sparkling Water, simply mix them together for a fun, non-alcoholic holiday beverage!  Another fun addition is to put some floating berries on top such as blueberries or blackberries from your backyard and mix it in... you could even use frozen berries (could also have been from your backyard that you froze to store for winter enjoyment!) and it can act as ice to keep your beverage cold... or, ANOTHER fun idea, freeze berries in some sprite or water in an ice tray to make ice cubes, and plop those into your drinks!  Kids love stuff in ice cubes!  FUN!

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